Chor Bazaar Hyderabad

The Exclusive Shopping At Chor Bazaar In Hyderabad

“Hyderabadi Chor Bazaar”

Chor Bazaar Hyderabad
Chor Bazaar, Erragada

In most of the big cities, there exist some kind of interesting destinations and that might be the shopping area. Same in Hyderabad there is the most popular Chor bazaar where you can buy quality products at the cheapest price hence if you are good at bargaining then surely this bazaar is yours. Be ensure in finding or selecting good products while buying. Mostly the Chor bazaar is open on Sunday so that all can get time to visit & buy things.

This place is called Chor Bazaar because of its low price in comparison to other markets in the city. So don’t think like all theft products are sold here. You can visit the chor market openly for shopping quality items at a reasonable price.

Chor Bazaar, Erragada, Hyderabad
Chor Bzaar

Huge varieties of products you will get in chor bazaar such as household items, apparel, ladies & gents clothes, artificial jewelry, mobile accessories, fancy & electronic watches footwear, wedding dress, toys, designer furniture, kitchenwares, etc and many more. Even you will find mobiles at less price but do check properly before buying it.

You can also buy colorful birds, rabbits, hares, guinea pigs, etc, and many more. Now coming to food, you will get non-alcoholic beverages like lemonade water, Shikanji, Sugarcane juice, fruit juice, & buttermilk.

Chor Bazaar, Hyderabad
Chor Bzaar

While buying products do quality checking especially on technical things as well as on clothes also and be ensure on that product price before bargaining and rest you do bargaining as much as you can. Because once you bought then there is no return option so be careful while buying products.

Be aware of the theft or snatching of your precious things & belongings which you are carrying with yourself. If you love to have some exciting shopping, you must visit this Chor market for a time. If you want to do bulk shopping then plan with plenty of time because you will find so much rush while shopping.

  • Reachability – You can reach here by city buses, autos, cabs, and also Metro train. The nearest metro station is Erragada
  • Address – Sanath Nagar Rd, Czech Colony, Sanath Nagar IE, Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500018

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